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Several years ago the American Himalayan Foundation (AHF) partnered with Dr. Aruna Uprety and Rural Health and Education Services (RHEST) to create Stop Girl Trafficking (SGT).  Dr. Uprety experienced first hand Nepalese girls as young as nine being trafficked into the sex trade in India or as domestic servants in multiple countries as their families were too poor to provide for their education. As many as 20,000 girls per year from the poorest sections of Nepal are lured by traffickers with promises of better jobs only to end up HIV positive and dead.    Dr. Uprety's strategy was simply to enter the villages where girls where at most risk and, with the help of AHF, provide a scholarship for them to stay in school.  Pretty simple, but an incredibly effective way of cutting off the problem at the source - combating modern day slavery through eduction and counseling the families about trafficking. Started with only 54 girls, Stop Girl Trafficking has currently placed over 10,000 young adults in schools.

I don't know Dr. Uprety personally but I've attended several AHF dinners throughout the years and vividly remember Jon Krakauer's impassioned presentation regarding SGT.  While riding a bike through portions of the Americas may not seem to have a direct connection with Nepal, SGT has been a foundation I've supported for several years. Most of us are born into families where education is tantamount and the road is fairly well paved for success.  These girls are born into a situation conspiring against them immediately if their not allowed the opportunity to continue their education.  

I hope you'll join me in contributing to either Stop Girl Trafficking or the SGT college scholarship.  100% of your contributions will go to the American Himalayan Foundation Stop Girl Trafficking.

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