New Mexico - Pie Town to Silver City

After a fun night of catching up around the table at the Toaster House, we pushed out of Pie Town and out into the Plains of San Agustin- a wonderful stretch of open grasslands with a few cow tanks and ranches marking the horizon.

Little did we know that was the last bit of blue we would see for a while.

An afternoon of heavy dumpers swept through as we sought shelter and waited out the storm from the porch of the Horse Springs Bible Camp

before setting up for the night down the road a touch as the next storm arrived.

The best cup of cheesy broccoli soup with pasta miraculously slide under the fly as I was beginning to contemplate heading out in the rain to get Nutella and peanut butter...

A lovely morning spinning along the edge of the Plains

quickly turned to this

with miles of muck becoming the norm as afternoon rain and trucks heading into elk hunting camps left their mark.

While the rain kept the mud viscous enough throughout the afternoon to plow through, all good things come to and end and my belt drive ground to a halt with the fading light.

After a night in a field with everything covered in a layer of mud, I picked up a stick to carve mud off the knards like a kabob and resolved to hike-a-biking through the fields to get around the worst stretches.

Ahh... dry land at last...

Alex caught me from behind and we shared some dry road out towards Rocky Canyon for the night and picked up a few courtesy beers along the way from passing ATV-er's.

They cut an honest grade in New Mexico. Sad to be climbing some of the last real climbs as the smell of the barn gets stronger and stronger.

The following morning's pop out of the canyon topped out into more of New Mexico's lush green rollers

with a final paved grinder up to Pinos Altos conveniently marked along the way.

Pinos Altos, a ghost town just above Silver City is home for a few residents, a tiny museum hosting relics from the towns mining past, and the Buckhorn.  After the discovery of Gold in 1860, the town became the focal point of several conflicts between the settlers and Apace warriors. On September 06, 2015 it became a good place to do a quick brake job before dropping into Silver City.

New Mexico you continue to impress on all levels...