Colorado - Boulder

There's a moment whether it's just on the western edge outside of Boulder or heading east out of Glacier National park where you turn a corner and the folds of the Divide get stretched taut to the east like a sheet. I vividly remember the first time I experienced it on a previous tour with my brother and I was equally as excited to experience it again as I made my way down into Boulder from the hills.

While I've been moving laterally for the past several weeks about as much as I've been moving longitudinally, it was great to take some additional time to enjoy some of Boulder's amazing accessibility to the outdoors with Alison as well as soak up a small portion of everything the city has to offer.

A nice hike up Bear Peak with AC - all smiles in her new home. Great to catch-up on friends, families, trips, the important things in life, and share some time with she and D.

Fresh off a sixteen-day trip on the Grand, Molly and Ken and I triangulated our way into the heart of Boulder the night I arrived. So fun to be able to see these jokers after an unexpected text from Molly saying they were going to be in the area climbing for a few days.

There was even a sighting of a tall dude kitted out in Ultimate Direction at the local farmer's market.... but I didn't fan boy him in his own town...

For whatever reason, Boulder brought out my tendency to think too much...  Maybe it's the approaching reality of the first leg of this trip transitioning at Antelope Wells.  Maybe it's being back in a more urban area. Maybe it was being passed by ultrarunners and feeling like I have some unfinished business to address down the line.  Not sure what brought more pronounced gazing towards the future but I'm looking forward to getting back on the road and taking things one Wattsian moment at a time.  The Nature of Dreams: A Continent in the Mirror