Colorado - Brush Mountain Lodge to Boulder

The Rohloff gang all smiles after a fantastic stay at Brush Mountain Lodge. 

A morning of slow rollers up along Slater Creek bridged the gap between the Flats of Wyoming and the approaching steeps of Colorado . That little spec in the distance is Charlotte who put that extra blueberry pancake to good use and put the hammer down on the boys.

A few gorgeous Aspen stands bearing the markings of sheep headers through the years similar to tree carvings seen in throughout some areas in the Eastern Sierras.  

Colorado making us work for it with an honest pass closing in on 10,000 ft.

and a bone rattling descent on the other side dropping us back out of the hills and into ranch land north of Steamboat.

Team Rohloff momentarily split up in Steamboat.  Todd and Charlotte headed back home to Avon for a few days with friends before heading south and Maarten pulled off to head back to Estes Park.  Looking forward to catching up with Todd and Charlotte further down the line and Maarten and I are already talking about lightening the load and mashing the Divide in 2020.

With what we figured had been close to twenty years since we'd last seen each other, Hotel Hyde rolled out the red carpet.  It was great to catch up over multiple Dale's, noodle around town on a Karate Monkey fixie, crash Depak sessions, meet a bunch of Drew's great friends and soak in all things Steamboat. Almost sold the Colonel and called it home...

The fruits of being back in fancy town...

I don't think so...

I think so...

After a long stretch on the hardpack outside of Kremmling heading off-route towards Boulder, it was time to settle into a gentle morning climb up Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park, the highest continuous motorway in the US with over eight miles above 11,000 ft. 

Unprecedented views of high alpine terrain in all directions.

A short walk at the top brought me to a perfect spot to watch the afternoon's weather roll in from afar. 

A soggy descent but worth every moment enjoying the encroaching lightening and high contrast between sunny peaks in the distance and rain packed clouds above. 

The following day brought a hot climb out of Estes with a quick break to let two fatties enjoying some down-time before making the final drop into Boulder to spend the weekend with AC and check out another of one of Colorado's urban gems.