Wydaho - Back in the saddle

Tough to say goodbye to these two mopes.

and the chill vibe of Victor and Driggs.

Out along State Line Road, feeling stoked to circumnavigate the backside of the Teton Range thanks to Scott from Fitzy's and his recommended Divide link-up via the Idaho side. 

The Ashton-Tetonia Rail Trail outside of Tetonia is smooth as butter along its southern leg

with a great trestle

and big mama stacks of hay on the other side before ducking back into the forest.

Fire road (FR 263) winding north dished up nothing but the sound of the knards crunching dirt and wind through the trees.  And then… I missed the turn onto Jackass Loop Road (FR 264)… Taking a right onto a wide gravel road (FR 261) and climbing up to a view out over the Idaho farmland filled me with instant dread instead of the mornings joy.  I was back at the start of Grassy Lake Road's washboard section that Nima, Arren, and I muscled out the previous week.

But perfect light of the day and alpine meadows toward Flagg Ranch helped ease all as I looped around the northern edge of the Tetons.

Front-side morning with old friends

before they slowly drifted into the distance up off of Togwotee Pass.

Vibey stretch through Old Bear no. 203's turf but a prefect spot to give the Colonel a break and think all thoughts Tolle. 

The following day brought epic vistas off of Union Pass with the Gros Ventre mountains to the west and the Wind River Range to the east. Spectacular country that makes you feel like an insignificant little blip.

An increasing road snobbery aside, a ripping tail wind and more or less constant descent into Pinedale where a welcome respite after rattling my bones down through the tail end of the Bridger Teton National Forest.