Idaho - Heise Hot Springs to Green Canyon Hot Springs

Fitzy's is a bikepacker's dream bike store, located in the heart of Victor, Idaho.  With a full rage of Salsa's and a complete selection of Revelate frame bags, they've just about everything one needs to set up a bikepacking rig.  They've great mechanics stoked to talk about routes and set-ups, a coffee bar churning out espresso's and a great vibe.  Over an iced Americano, Zach stitched a great mixed route out to Heise Hot Spring on Pete's forest service map and sent me out the door. 

After sharing the white line with morning anglers and drift boats up and over Pine Creek Pass it was nice to take a hard right on the backside and head out into some beautiful rolling farmland.

Nice section of wooded doubletrack winding down towards a bend in the Snake River

before climbing onto the fun stuff to get up along the canyon rim.

Many miles of bliss along the lip of the Snake with multiple sections of serious pushing up trenched singletrack no wider then my pedal-to-pedal width.  Glad no rattle snakes were lurking about as I hike-a-biked through sage above my bike or pushed from directly behind where the brush got too high and the trenches too deep.

A bit of shade to do some map recon.

Back down tight to the Snake for some gravelly reward before finding an empty table at the Heise Pizza Parlor/Hot Springs Golf Course. I polished off a Margherita pizza made with pesto (too tired to even question) while counting band t-shirts of those trying to drain their par putts.

The following day brought a gravel grinder northeast along FR 218 through the hills of the Big Hole Range with the effects of yesterday's fight with gravity felt on each climb. 

Well hello my large feline friend...

google image

google image

Since I was too fried to check out Heise Hot Springs, I called it a day at Green Canyon Hot Springs, family run since 1953. The warmer outside pool served up some rejuvenation and a good place in the shade to nap the afternoon away. 



The 1950's vibe and chain-link fence separating the food court from the inside pool felt Idaho legit. Full of kids and their parents, there was a surprising silence when my scruffy mug eased into the shallow end amongst noodles and floaties.  I smiled and nodded my way into the deep end to reassure everyone I didn't pull up in a white panel van.

The following afternoon was back into rolling farmland as I eased back through Driggs and returned to Victor to drop-off some "thanks" beers for the guys at Fitzy. In addition to some fantastic southeast Idaho riding, being off the Divide maps and unable to mentally map out the whole day, length of climbs, and road quality cues kept things focused on the crank turning at hand.