Montana-Dell to Jackson Hole, WY

Bone dry and all smiles on a return to the Calf-A with thoughts of coffee and eggs soon to fill up the tanks as we readied to roll out of Dell.

Back on the plains amongst epic vastness we chatted about the AT and the PCT, both of which Nima has thru-hiked.  I promised I'd make him proud by ditching some more stuff in Jackson and lightening the load a notch more.  Good buddies since college,  Nima and Aaren have done multiple mini adventures together over the years. This year was Whitefish to Jackson before getting off the road.


I knew I recognized those tire morning tracks we'd been following... Good to run into John and Cathy again as we filled in the gaps after we split off in Whitefish.

For Mark and the crew back at the mothership.


Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is worth every bug bite for a sunset like this.

Last bit of Montana the following morning before we eased up and over Red Rock Pass (CD#7).

Sad to see Montana go.  The kids closing in on the end, and Hannah who vacationed with us for a day of leisure before getting back to business and time-trialing the Divide.  Her ultra light set-up made me jealous and further stoked thoughts of coming back to race this someday down the line.

The afternoon brought a long stretch of sandy rail trail - perfect time to air down and let the fattie one finger along like McGarrett's '67 Coup DeVille.

A handful of breaks in the trees opened up to perfect moose and beaver territory.

With rain gear back on, we took a few hail shots to the head before it passed as quickly as it caught us.

Final canyon descent through a beautiful stretch of single track just above the Warm River.

The next morning's climb out of the canyon deposited us into Idaho's version of Iowa.

A welcome stretch of smooth dirt outside of Flagg Ranch after a washboard morning along Grassy Creek Road.

Through remnants of the 1988 fire around Yellowstone before

sidling up next to these guys and rolling on into Jackson.