Canada - Sparwood to Roosville, MT

Jennifer and Debbie joined me on the road up to Corbin

and of course couldn't resist... Good fun and super sweet women

Just onto the "Grizzly Bear Highway" out of Corbin.

but quickly left the mining operations after a few pedal strokes and was back into the silence.

Across wet and dry stream beds

and miles and miles of this coming down off of Flat Head Pass for the 3.8's to play.

Bumped into north bound fat biker Adam from ND rolling a Surly Moonlander

The Flathead River range is beautifully remote - the last major valley in BC to be undeveloped. Many stops were had just to listen to the silence.

Rolled into five star accommodations at Butts Cabin at the end of the day.

with a little tent protection to keep the critters from snuggling with me...

Awoke to this baby roaring through the woods

That will put a little grit on your teeth...

After soloing the "Grizzly Bear Highway," I was quite happy to meet and team up with John and Cathy from Australia at Butts Cabin.  Really nice couple that have toured and we swapped stories as we headed up Cabin Pass

past fresh prints not too far ahead of my 3.8's...

back out in to the open with peaks on either side pulling us up

and over.

Afternoon cruiser in the heat down Wigwam road before shutting it down for the evening.

Morning calm

and beautiful single track along the edge of the Flathead River

with good muddy fun before we stripped the bikes down and double pushed them up a .25 mile vertical scramble.

After catching our breath from the push it was back into gear 1 and up Galton Pass.

Starting to look more and more like Montana.

Final top out. A bit sad to leave Canada behind. While I grizzly fretted heading out into the Flathead alone, it was truly epic scenery, fantastically remote, and great to share it with John and Cathy.

Don't worry Montana, you and your Big Sky ain't no slouch and stole a piece of my heart years ago.  

Sparwood, BC to Roosville, MT: 114 miles, 3 days