Canada - Banff to Sparwood

Pushed off under the Fairmont Banff Springs arch

and immediately into Canadian goodness.

Winding up towards Spray Lake through lush Pine lined track that bore the marks of the Divide race's Grand Depart the previous week.

Low water levels but nothing but epic along the edges of Spray Lake.

Caught fellow Divider's Peggy and Carleton at the lake where we shared a campsite, spread out our grub and swapped touring stories.

Morning goodness the following day onto vehicle free track

through a stunning section of trail in the midst of fire recovery

Followed by squiggly lines on the other side of Banff National Park.

Stop being so damn good looking Canada.

Final stretch into Lake Kananaskis on one of Canada's gravel superhighways

Nothing to do but listen to the Rolhoff sing on descents like this

Breakfast of champions before Elk pass (Divide pass #1). And yes that is wheat grass and green tea...

Nothing but Pines in all directions as I topped out the pass.

Off the backside onto quiet forest service roads

Down gravely goodness outside of Elkwood to break in the rain gear.

The following day I dropped into big time coal country.

Canadians are not afraid to remove an entire mountain to feed the beast.

Fat bike country

Victory!  Fording River road wash out... but nothing a little stream push and sketchy bank side heaving couldn't conquer. Fruits of victory were miles of empty logging roads

before jumping on a quintessential Adventure Cycling back road into Sparwood.

Home of the Terex-33-19 Titan - 1,209,500 pounds of coal Justice capable of a 350 ton load. 

Fat Schmat.